Day at the Game

This is something I posted in April. My daily routine going to Mets games. Enjoy.

Mets Plus

Well, things have been pretty smooth sailing for the Mets so far this year. After a rough start, the Metzies have turned it around to become one of the best teams in the National League! So far that is…..
I’m 2-0 in the games I’ve been to. I was at the inaugural Free Shirt Friday versus the Reds, and tonight’s Millitary Monday game. So what’s my game routine you ask? I have nothing but time to tell you my story. I’ve been a Mets fan all my life, literally all my life. My second hobby, besides Baseball is Trains, which means that yes, I have never been into the Citi Field Parking Lot. It’s the Number (7) train for me! Once we arrive at Citi Field, we hear I nice organ rendition of “Meet The Mets” before heading to the Shake Shack. I’m not going to describe how good Shake…

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