Pepper Roundtable: What should the Mets do at the deadline?

The non-waiver trading deadline is tomorrow July 31st. The Mets have reportedly been in the market for various players, and with that we go ask Baseball Bloggers and Fans their opinions.


Niko Goutakolis( Pepper Lead Writer)- I’ve been an advocator to keep Daniel Murphy. He leads the NL in hits, and he is a strong middle of the order bat, thus he should not be included in any trade talks. The Mets could trade for a mid-level shortstop, but I honestly think the Mets are fine with Wilmer Flores for at least the rest of 2014. Dillson Herrera, who the Mets traded for last year, has been one of the most productive players in AAA, and he’s a shortstop, so I would wait to at least test him. The only move the Mets need to make is dumping Colon to free salary. They will probably place him on waivers in August and hope someone picks him up.
Mark Rogers- Mets Fan& Blogger-
I think that the Mets should part ways with Bartolo Colon. With that said, I also think that the Mets should acquire someone very high up as in Cargo or Tulo. I know they would need prospects in return which we have. The Mets should give them Colon, Chris Young, Rafael Montero and maybe someone such like Gee, Dendekker, Nieuwenhuis. All of that for Tulo, now Cargo would be much less probably just like Chris Young, Bartolo, and DenDekker or . Nieuwenhuis. The trade deadline is a tricking time, who knows what will happen.
(Next we have a special guest. We have Devan from , he’s a 13 year old youth writer that writes a great site! Check it out! )
The Mets could get a decent return for Bartolo Colon, who continues to impress even at his age. The Pirates, Royals, and other small market teams that need starting pitching may be in on the hurler. If the Mets maximize what they get for Colon, they could be much closer to winning ways down by improving their farm system.

2 Replies to “Pepper Roundtable: What should the Mets do at the deadline?”

  1. RustBucket says:

    I agree with Niko and Devan, but Mark, why would The Rockies give up their best player. And inhale salary dumps like Colon, and Mr.Bust Chris Young. The Roxs would never make that trade.


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