July 26th, 2014

Mets 6 games back in Wild Card

Believe it or not, the Mets are in the race. 6 games out is nothing shabby, but I’ve seen a 7 game lead disappear in 14 games, sadly.I hope that this means that the Mets make a big move, so they can make some more ground in the Wild Card. So who is available in the market? Tulo and Cargo aren’t though I’ve been wrong before. I just don’t see Colorado giving away the face of their franchise. If one of them are available, Zack Wheeler, Familia and Herrera will probably have to go, something I don’t see helping the Mets. So who else could the Mets target? How about Scooter Gennet of the Brewers, of course he is a smaller piece of the puzzle, but he is a strong lead off hitter and could be traded for Colon and a small bat like Matt denDekker. Whatever the Mets do, it has to have substance. And to be clear, the Mets have to make some sort of a move, for multiple reasons, including fanbase interest, and to increase contention.

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