July 25th, 2014

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Mets’ deGrom for deRookie of deYear?

deGrom has been sensational, I just hope they don’t shut him down in early September. The best way to limit his innings would be a 6 man rotation.

Mets Cetera

After Jacob deGrom wrapped up seven more sparkling innings in Tuesday’s 3-1 Mets win over the Mariners, manager Terry Collins noted that “this guy’s got numbers to match up any rookie in the league.”

Well, does he? Certainly after that performance, deGrom made a statement that his name belongs in the National League Rookie of the Year discussion. Thanks in large part to a weak NL field — Jose Abreu, George Springer, Dellin Betances and Jake Odorizzi all play in the American League — deGrom now leads all NL rookies with 1.3 fWAR and ranks third overall behind Billy Hamilton of the Reds and Chris Owings of the Diamondbacks. But those players both have significant flaws.

Hamilton (3.2 fWAR) derives the bulk of his value from baserunning and defense, which — and it’s a shame, but it’s true — are not always high on many voters’…

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Opinion: The Mets need to stop experimenting

The Mets are experimenting, and its time to stop. Last nights game was possibly the worst matchup of the year for the Mets, so it’s fair to be critical. The Mets Chris Young is in one of his longest funks of the year. Collins put him in the lineup batting 6th, against a right handed pitcher. Am I missing something? Collins is the father of lefty-righty match-ups, and all of a sudden to his weakest player, batting under 200, in a crucial game and with better outfielders waiting on the bench, you play CY? This makes very little sense, in fact it makes NO SENSE. I’ve watched Young, hold up a roster spot that could be vacated by Kirk, den Dekker or Josh Satin, but no.. Chris Young. Valverde and Farnsworth both had to look over their shoulders and see young players, and they both weren’t having dream seasons (era’s in the 4’s) but it’s ok, they had no-frills deals, contracts worth less than a million because of mediocre seasons in past. Why was Chris Young offered a 7 million dollar deal  when he hasn’t hit 230 in 3 years! That was a horrible experiment! The Mets should have signed Marlon Byrd, because at least he had a good 2013.