Series Preview: Mets @ Brewers

The road trip continues as the Mets face the Brewers in a four-game series. Even without Granderson and Chris Young, it’s gonna be quite a matchup. The “Brew Crew” and The Mets go all the way back to 1998! The all-time record between the two is; Mets 62 wins, Brewers 48 wins. The odds are looking good. If your remember earlier this year, the Mets only have one win against the Brewers and that came along with Dice-K going six strong innings and a Daniel Murphy and a Taylor Teagarden home run! Now the Mets don’t have Teagarden in the Majors now but hopefully d’Arnaud will continue to hit. Now enough about history here’s the series probables:





This is just Dillon Gee’s third start back from the DL and he has been doing pretty good. He had one bad start after the All-Star break giving up four runs in just five innings. Zach Wheeler has his days where he can hold down the game for six or seven innings or he can go eight or nine innings giving up one run. The sophomore has been bringing his ERA down in his last 5 starts from 4.45 now at 3.78. Jon Niese is entering into his second start back from the DL and Gee has been doing pretty good, having a 3.13 ERA. Finally, Jacob deGrom has been on fire in his last 6 starts having a 1.59 ERA with 45 strikeouts. The RoY campaign continues for him.

Posted by: Mark Rogers (Pepper Intern)

4 Replies to “Series Preview: Mets @ Brewers”

  1. G-Man says:

    Nice post Mark!!!

  2. Thomas Rogers says:

    Nice job, Big Guy. You’re going to be the blogosphere’s Rookie of the Year.


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