10 years of Wright, 15 years of Me!

Hello, my name is Niko ( for those who haven’t bothered reading the sidebar or title caption) ,I was born on July 21st 1999 and I am very proud to be the youngest NY Mets blogger!

Today is the 10th anniversary of David Wright’s big-league debut with the Mets, which came on July 21, 2004.
Wright is having a poor season, at least for his lofty standards, but he’s been a helluva player since the first day he joined the Mets.
Now, growing up, I always had favorites among the Mets players, however it is fair to say that Wright has always been on the top of that list . In general the way he goes the Mets go.He slumps, the Mets are bad, he is hot the Mets are winning. He was always the face of the franchise, and in fact became the team’s “veteran” relatively early. He assumed that role after the departure of Carlos Beltran in 2011, while he was only in his 20’s !!! Anyway, good luck to Wright in tonight’s game, and Let’s Go Mets!


One Reply to “10 years of Wright, 15 years of Me!”

  1. G-Man says:

    Happy Birthday Niko!!!


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