Series Preview: Mets @ Padres

This weekend starts a very important road trip for the Mets. Coming off of the best baseball of the year, the Mets look to keep the good times rolling with the not-so-good Padres. Ending the first half on a high note, is always welcome, but the Mets have encountered recent difficulty bouncing back to start the second half. Here are some examples: In 2012, you might have forgotten that the Mets had an amazing first half, going  46-40. Johan Santana was good, Dickey was amazing, and the bats were alive. The Mets then lost 11 out of 12 games to drop them out of contention in a very powefull NL East. Lets go back to 2011, the Mets were 4 games above 500 on July 29th, when the Amazins crashed and lost 6 out of 7 and never recovered. 2010, same story, we were 10 games above 500 on July 6th, we then lost 10 out of 12, and played 500 ball the rest of the way and finished 2 games below 500. Last year was the worst year of all, the whole season was a joke, we stopped sniffing 500 in May, but this year there IS something different. The momentum, the weak division, the abundance of young talent, and the fact that there is a lot of baseball left gives us lots to cheer about, so know we head into this series where the Mets face the Padres.



Bartolo Colon, who is on the trading block, could make his last start with New York tonight, however it will all depend on what the Mets receive.
AAA All Star Game recap post coming soon!

2 Replies to “Series Preview: Mets @ Padres”

  1. G-Man says:

    I don’t think the Mets know what to do with Colon yet.

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