July 8th, 2014

@Mets Lineup


Daniel Murphy is Mets only All-Star

And that is what it should be. Daniel Murphy was ripped of a title last winter in the “Top 10 Second Baseman” show, where Brian Kenny and his crew believed that Murphy is not a Top 10 Second Baseman. I think that will change this year, as Murphy is Second in the NL in hits, 2nd most Home runs among second basemen.

Murphy is in his sixth season, and said that he wasn’t expecting it. While I like and voted for Wright, I understand and agree that Wright was passed over for Murphy, but I believe Wright should be on the Final Vote ballot instead of Casey McGehee. Murphy will be a reserve and hopefully will get some action after Chase Utley and Dee Gordon play. The All-Star Game is next Tuesday at 8 on FOX.