Latest Leaders – June 2014 ( Pepper – #18)

A HUGE thank you to all of the readers that took the time to read my blog in June. Pepper is very happy to assume the #18 slot this month and I hope to be back next month. Pepper was the 18th best blog on this month.

20140707-095111.jpg Blogs Central

Latest Leaders logoWhile you are no doubt hard at work supporting two favorite candidates in the All-Star Game Final Vote Sponsored by Experian, we have some other suggested stars to show you here. It’s the monthly Latest Leaders for June. Is your blog listed? If so, brag about it in the comments! Blogs is the place to be during the second half of the season as new fan bloggers like The Show share their insights alongside a Hall of Fame scribe like Tracy Ringolsby. If you haven’t yet discovered his blog, Write ’em Cowboy, it’s an absolute must-follow and a lock to make its Latest Leaders debut next month, along with the relaunched Trade Deadline juggernaut. So get in the game by creating your very own Blog, powered by

Latest Leaders ranked by page views from June 1-30:

Look for Final Vote updates…

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