July 6th, 2014

@Mets Lineup

The Mets placed Jon Niese on the DL, and purchased the contract of Buddy Carlyle

What’s the role of Bobby Parnell in 2015

We saw 1 inning of Bobby Parnell, this year and yes, it was a “miserable” outing. He blew the Opening Day lead as Washington went on to claim the game in extras. After that, Parnell underwent Tommy John Surgery. The Mets then turned to Valverde and Farnsworth, altered to Familia and Mejia, who are finding success. This poses an interesting question, what is the fate of Bobby Parnell?


Since a trade is unlikely coming off Tommy John, I “assume” he will “assume” a role in the Mets bullpen. I see Mejia as trade bait, and we could really get a valuable B bat for our current closer. This would lead me to believe that J.Familia, who has shown that he can really get his fastball by people to become our new set up man, not our closer. I believe this because his Runs Allowed Per 9 IP which is like ERA, but with unearned runs included, is at 3.22 per 9, that basically means there is a 1/3 chance of allowing a run, which is not good enough for a closer. While Parnell’s is at 3.02, basically the same, but with Parnell’s experience I believe he will retain the closer’s roll next season.