ESPN analyst projects a 50/50 chance in dealing Bartolo

Bartolo Colon has had his fair share of quality starts, but we all know that the Mets real issues come with the offense . That’s why I agree with Jim Bowden of ESPN when he says the Mets could potentially trade Colon for a front end batter. I’m hoping for a Eric Young line drive equivalent. Jim also says teams like the Yankees, Blue Jays, Angels, Indians, Pirates and Mariners have mutual interest. I’m hoping for a shortstop, yet I know Sandy and not-so-good ol’ Terry Collins feel just fine with the placeholder that is Ruben Tejada. I could see a package including d’Arnaud and Colon for a front-end Catcher. Colon could have a strong leadership presence, but I can’t see how that’s possible considering Colon doesn’t speak English, and all the other Mets starters are American or Japanese (at least for another week). Jokes aside, Colon has been better than expected, but he is not necessary, and is holding up $11 Million that could have been used to sign Nelson Cruz, and $3 Million to spare. Thus, while Colon is “on a roll” we should trade him immediately to get a higher value exchange.



Well said Niko!

Where is this magical “front end catcher” coming from. It’s really stupid to trade for a C considering one of Pawlecki or d’Arnaud are going to be a pretty good player.

I hear you, but the outfield is crowded 2B and 3B are locks, and Collins wants Tejada at short ( despite my protest) and I’m not sure we can get a plus first baseman for Bartolo. I want a Catcher with John Buck esc. pop, and to have veteran leadership.


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