Somehow we’re only 5 games out of first

I felt like ripping on yesterday’s umpires so many times last night. Laz Diaz had a very bad strike zone, and the Base umpires were totally confused on the Josh Harrison rundown (which was badly executed). It was a game that we were bound to lose after we gave up 2 runs in the 4th, the thing was, I was convinced we were out of the inning, and I don’t understand why Black’s control was so erratic. The Mets however still have time to catch up as like every other day, the NL (Least) lost. So, here we are on June 28 with an abysmal record yet surprisingly very much in the race. This is the only thing that gives us hope and watching the games. 5 Games can change in a heartbeat, so lets be happy with our standing and forget about our record, because since baseball is so unpredictable these days, I can envision, 5 NL teams with better records than the NL East Champ this year.
Article written by : Niko Goutakolis



Ominous clouds…..Niko.
But nice photo!!!

But you took that photo



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