Series Preview: A’s versus Mets

Baseball’s shortest series is two games this year. Baseball’s shortest homestand is 2 Games. Of course, I am talking about this upcoming series where the Mets will welcome the best team in baseball, the Oakland Athletics.


Courtesy: MLB AtBat

The Mets will be making various roster moves in the next 2-4 days. The Mets outfielder Juan Lagares, who has been injured twice this year, is nearing a return after a rehab stint in AA. The corresponding demotion will most likely be either Kaptain Kirk (not going to attempt his last name!) or Chris Young. While Young has been the worst Met this year, a demotion would me swallowing a 7 Million dollar contract.
Travis d’Arnaud’s return to the bigs is looming as well, I expect Taylor Teagarden, who has not hit since his Grand Slam, to BR re-assigned to AAA.

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