Ignore Twitter and blogs, says Alderson, who appreciates Murph

This really gets me on edge. Not because he believes the press are “stupid”, but because he insists on telling the Season Ticket Holders exactly what to do! Its been no secret that Daniel Murphy is the best player for the Mets so far this year, SO WHY NOT GIVE HIM THE EXTENSION. As a blogger myself, i’m not going to care what other people say, I tell the truth, in an age of statistics, you should LISTEN, to the bloggers, reporters and media members that are out raged about things like this. Blogs give the common fan more knowledge and insight about the team, speaking both optimistically, and for the worse.


Right on!!

Niko Goutakolis


Well said Niko. I agree with you.

Absolutely Niko. Well said, and well written! You rock!


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