June 2014

Damn It!!!

I’ll use this post to express my frustration over the 8th inning. Familia came in shaky and gave up 2 hits, ok fine I’ll take it, I trust Familia, then on a comebacker, Familia spikes it. Come on! COME ON! COME ON! This is a MUST-WIN GAME. MUST WIN!!! And then not-so-clutch Ruben can’t make the catch, and then other run scores when Juan lets a ground ball sneak right by him….. Listen! This is big-league Baseball, you have to make big plays!!!! THIS WAS THE WORST PATHETIC GAME OF THE YEAR. And then Campbell boots a routine grounder….. Despicable !!!! The Mets had a win flicked away from them, this team has reached an all-time low…..

Collins was playing for time….

According to rule 8.13, a Manager must immediately run onto the field to notify the Umpire that the Club is contemplating challenging the play (and in all circumstances must be on the field in less than ten (10) seconds from the Umpire’s call. And Collins took 43 seconds!


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Series Preview: Mets @ Braves



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This is looming to be the most crucial stage of baseball for the NY Mets. We need to rise in the standings fast, and a sweep of the Braves could most defiantly deliver just that. Zack Wheeler is looking to rebound from Wednesday’s short outing. It’s also worth noting that his road starts have been much more efficient than his home starts throughout the season. The Braves came of a sweep of Philadelphia. Game time for all games is 7:10

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Last week, Zack Wheeler’s shutout won!

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Royal Giants Win 5-3

Maybe the Mets should wear their Negro League appreciation jerseys more often eh? The Mets started out strong out of the gate scoring 3 out of the gate, he eventually went 3 for 4. Murphy has been very strong as well this series by adding 2 RBI’s today. Niese continues to struggle towards the end of his outing, but always prevails. Let’s Go Mets!

David Wright to have an MRI

This just worries me. Not because he’s going for the MRI, but how he’s not sounding “positive”. I had to see Wright battle through many injuries, scattered through 10 years, and he always says something like “I hope I’ll be back before the end of the week” yet yesterday he said “Hopefully I just get a cortisone shot and give it proper rest” not at all hinting to a short term return. Luckily it’s his left shoulder, or his non-throwing shoulder (even though he’s not a pitcher, playing Third Base requires an accurate and efficient arm.) However, I imagine diving for balls or making great stops isn’t easy with an ailing shoulder.

It’s no secret that without David Wright the Mets will need to make a roster move and it would make a hard task in being contenders to basically having no chance.In a slump or hitting a stride, David Wright is the Captain of the Mets, and it’s more than a title.

Somehow we’re only 5 games out of first

I felt like ripping on yesterday’s umpires so many times last night. Laz Diaz had a very bad strike zone, and the Base umpires were totally confused on the Josh Harrison rundown (which was badly executed). It was a game that we were bound to lose after we gave up 2 runs in the 4th, the thing was, I was convinced we were out of the inning, and I don’t understand why Black’s control was so erratic. The Mets however still have time to catch up as like every other day, the NL (Least) lost. So, here we are on June 28 with an abysmal record yet surprisingly very much in the race. This is the only thing that gives us hope and watching the games. 5 Games can change in a heartbeat, so lets be happy with our standing and forget about our record, because since baseball is so unpredictable these days, I can envision, 5 NL teams with better records than the NL East Champ this year.
Article written by : Niko Goutakolis


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