When can I be critical?

Ok let’s face it, this year has had its high ups and it’s unremarkable downs. Here’s my 3 biggest ups:
A. The Awesome Rotation- You’ve got to be happy with the pitching. Besides Zack Wheeler, the Mets rotation has an average starter ERA in the 2’s. The Mets have been so strong with the arms that we average a Loss from a starter once a week.
B. Murphy & Wright- The teams powerhouse, sure Wright started off weak, but if you compare Wright’s April to his average August’s , this April was better.
C. Juanderful- Hasn’t Juan Lagares come out of nowhere? I mean this guy has been awesome. He might be the Third best offensive player on this team!
My Downs…
A. The not-so-clutch Hitters- Chris Young, Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejada and Travis d’Arnaud are all Mets starters that have been batting close to the Mendoza Line (200 AVG). And their all Mets Starters… Sad.
B. Luck- I’ll admit, with a little bit of luck, the Mets win at least 3 more ballgames, hard hit balls that get turned into Double Plays, amazing defensive plays, have all cost the Mets early. Oh well, at least luck can change without an increase in payroll!
C. Park Factor- While as a fan, I love Citi Field, it’s near impossible for a team to score more than 10 runs, it’s such a pitchers park, too much of a pitchers park!! So many balls narrowly miss getting out, yet get converted into outs.
This should be an interesting week, 8 games against last place teams in hitters parks. We were good in Yankee Stadium, maybe we can catch lightning in a bottle one more time! #PepperMets
Article written by Niko Goutakolis


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