MetsFinal: Mets 5 Dodgers 3

Big win for the Metzies tonight, Recker and Niese hit back to back doubles in the 5th to get the Mets ahead, and with the game tied in the 7th, Juan Lagares hit a single to right field to get the Mets ahead 4-3. Defense also helped and hurt tonight’s game. 2 of the best plays were made today while 2 of the worst were made as well, Puig was seamlessly in the middle of all of them. In the 2nd, Puig went back on the ball and made an amazing backwards shoestring catch. Likewise, Eric Campbell made an amazing Double Play catch in Left Field, he doubled off Puig. Now to the blunders, on an Infield Fly, Murphy dropped the ball, yet Puig had no idea what was going on and was standing 8 feet from second base. Flores, the ball holder, who was on Second Base, did not tag Puig until Murphy walked up too him to tell him what was going on. The was also a poorly executed ground ball that would have been a double play, had Murphy caught the Ball, because of that, Puig was safe. It’s fair to say I enjoyed the Yasiel Puig show!


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