So… Who’s fault is it? (Part 1)

The Mets May struggles continue, as they are now 5-15 in May. Yup, 5-15, it’s sad to see a good start go down the drain, but that what’s happened in Queens. I’ve been reading a lot of Mets articles here, and Mets articles there, and everyone’s pointing fingers at Terry Collins, and while all the Mets owned sites, Radio and TV used todisregard this, even they are surprised at what they see. It’s really easy to point fingers, write a nasty comment, and believe me, I do it too in the heat of the moment, but after the game, you have to sit down and look at the numbers. Terry Collins was presented with a Garbage team, and that’s Alderson’s fault, but that dosent mean Collins is off the hook. Take the Flordia Marlins for example, Jose Fernandez is injured just like Matt Harvey. Giancarlo Stanton’s equivalent is David Wright, then the Marlins names basically end, with the only other notables being Casey McGhee, Henderson Alvarez and Salty, while the Mets list goes on from Jose Valverde, Chris Young, Lucas Duda, Juan Lagares, Daniel Murphy, Curtis Granderson, Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Bobby Abreu, Travis d’Arnaud ( I guess..) and Dillon Gee. Both big stadiums, same divisions… yet the Marlins find themselves 24-23 while the Mets are 20-25. The Mets fail to make the ballpark their friend, they always have, maybe change the batter’s approach or something, but when your playing at Citi Field, the stadium where nothing ever goes your way, you need to defend it. You play 81 games there per year, Figure out where to drive the ball, and enough of this lefty-righty bullpen stuff, Collins does this a lot, and I mean a lot. Another key component to a winning ballclub are roles. Let’s head on over to Houston, another struggling franchise. The Astros have an established closer (Chad Qualls), a leadoff man (Dexter Fowler), and a quality bench. Catch Part 2 Tommorow…


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