Change. That’s whats happening to Pepper. You can tweet out #NewPepper later, but first read this. I’ve been posting about all 30 MLB teams for a long time. World Series? Fun. Offseason? Fun. The 2014 season? Torture. Why, well take this, all I’ve been doing lately is score update here, score update there and then a show. Not fun, when you lose your passion you simply cannot continue. So Pepper:MLB Blog is no more, i’m sorry to all the 29 fanbases that will no longer read Pepper. But wait, I said 29, and theirs 30 teams…… Pepper is now a New York Mets Blog. You heard me right NY Mets!!!!!!! Get ready for scores, updates, highlights, previews and recaps! #MetsOnPepper #NewPepper !

One Reply to “Change”

  1. Matt Snow says:

    Glad the other one left the blog. He really didn't know anything about Baseball. He was getting burned on all the Pepper Shows


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