From the MLB Fan Cave….

#OffTheBat on Tuesdays on MTV-2

Off The Bat, hosted by Fat Joe, Sway, Chris DiStefano and the un-intelligent Melanie Iglesias is cracking windows, pulling stunts and all sorts of cool Baseball things. The series is set in the MLB Fan Cave, so you know it’s a cool show. I’ve watched a couple episodes, and it really does have an awesome baseball element to it that some “baseball” shows don’t give. The Pop Culture “stuff” barely cuts in, yet it’s inviting to a non baseball fan, just knock out Melanie Iglesias please, she knows zippo about Baseball, and this whole “romance” with Drew Smyly is plain stupid. Not to mention she’s practically reading off a card. Buy and Large it’s a good show, and hey, David Ortiz produces it!!



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