May Baseball Predictions

I know that we are already one week into the month of May, but lets try this!

1.- Dan Uggla gets released

I like Dan Uggla. Ive been watching him since his Marlins days, yet something must give. Uggla has not been solid once since coming over to Atlanta. I heavily doubt we’ll see Uggla much longer.

2.- The Padres fire Bud Black

I like Bud, but the Padres are the worst in most offensive categories, something has to happen. Black is a good manager by trade, but regardless of your personality, when your team is last, your always on the hot seat.

3.- The Cardinals rise and the Crew Collapse

#BrewTheCrew #ShuffleTheCards are your Pepper hashtags for when you face these two teams. But honestly, the Cardinals offensive numbers will rise sooner or later, and the Brewers wont be able to keep their bats hot much longer.

The Windup: Tomorrow LIVE! @5:30


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