April lessons

Though it seems that opening day was just happening, we are one month into what seems like an exciting baseball season. Here are 5 things we have learned so far:

1: Replay is still a work in progress
It has made the game better, but MLB still has a few kinks to work out. It has been pretty good in its first month
2. Masahiro Tanaka is the real deal
After many questioned if it was a good idea for NYY to pay that much for a pitcher whos never played in the bigs, it seems as if the Yankees made the right move with this Japanese import
3. Tommy John is going up
TJ surgery has become fairly more common in recent years but this season we have seen a record number of hurlers go down with this surgery. Too many patients for Dr. James Andrews
4. Brewers will be there
The Milwaukee side is the best the league so far. While it is early and it’s to hard to tell, it has become evident that the Crew will be in the penant hunt for the majority of the season
5. Reynolds/Verducci combo a good replacement
After the retirement of Time McCarver after the fall classic. Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci were asked to fill his spot in the booth. I believe they have done an admirable job.


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