Baseball BlogKids April 2014

Welcome to a new feature of Pepper! As some of you know I was recently named the “Youth Blogger Outreach Guy” of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. These kids write some very impressive articles! So, like my chapter president William Tasker from Flagrant Fan does with his “linkfest” , I will be doing a monthly ” BlogKids Whiparound” post! Lets get started:
Devan from Cover Those Bases composed this great post on the latest about Pineda and Pine Tar in Baseball.
Side of Natitude’s own Will has an interesting idea on what to do with the Nats 5th Starter.
Are you an Indians Fan? Well check out The Tribe Bulletin!
BBA’s youngest member, Matt Eisner is previewing the Padres-Nats series!
Matt Nadel covers the 1981 strike in this post
Well, that’s all! Tweet Pepper @NikoMLB for any questions!

One Reply to “Baseball BlogKids April 2014”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys should defenitly start this full kids blog


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