Does Matt Carpenter’s extension make sense?

Pepper Inisder Ben Grieco reported on the Matt Carpenter extension back in March, here’s what he said:
Carpenter signs 6-year extension

The St. Louis Cardinals and their third basemen, Matt Carpenter, have agreed to an extension worth $54 million over 6 years. Carpenter is still 4 years away from free agency, and is only 28 years old, but this big extension is worth the gamble. Carpenter is coming off a huge breakout season in 2013 in which he matured into one of the best hitters in baseball, helping lead the Cardinals to the World Series. He made the 1st all star game of his career, and was a catalyst atop St. Louis’ lineup, hitting .318 with 11 homers, and drove in 78. He also lead the NL in hits with 199 and doubles with 55. Carpenter also has value with his versatility, as he played solid defense at second base all year long despite being a natural third basemen. But with David Freese gone, Carpenter will move back third base in 2014.

While I agree with Ben that it was a fair deal, I Woudnt invest so much into a player with minimal defense and no power. Currently, Matt Carpenter is batting 282, which is fine, but for the price, I just dosent add up. Alas, players earn more these days, I guess I’ll just have to go with it!


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