Day at the Game

Well, things have been pretty smooth sailing for the Mets so far this year. After a rough start, the Metzies have turned it around to become one of the best teams in the National League! So far that is…..
I’m 2-0 in the games I’ve been to. I was at the inaugural Free Shirt Friday versus the Reds, and tonight’s Millitary Monday game. So what’s my game routine you ask? I have nothing but time to tell you my story. I’ve been a Mets fan all my life, literally all my life. My second hobby, besides Baseball is Trains, which means that yes, I have never been into the Citi Field Parking Lot. It’s the Number (7) train for me! Once we arrive at Citi Field, we hear I nice organ rendition of “Meet The Mets” before heading to the Shake Shack. I’m not going to describe how good Shake Shack is… You’ll have to figure it out! After that, it’s probably still 30 minutes before game time, which means we go into our fake seats. I don’t remember the last Mets game I’ve been too where I sat in my actual seats. Ok it’s time for Alex Anthony (Mets PA) to give us the lineup. Once that’s over and done, it’s time to keep score, with a PEN. Now if you don’t usually take interest in writing a scorecard, it’s pretty simple, yet mistakes happen quite frequently. Despite all the “warinings” I always use pen. It’s then on to the Acela Club. Seat 202 to be exact. Then it’s time for Baseball’s laziest mascot, Mr.Met to come out, through one T-Shirt, and go back home. Once the game ends, and (hopefully) Takin’ Care of Business is playing, we head back to the express train. Once up the stairs.. I scream at the top of my lungs “Exxxpppres” “Exxxpppres To Manhattan” completely overpowering the other guy. Once on the Subway, I meet some of the regulars.. Keith Olbermann, Random Mets guy who obviously has season tickets, and wears a fitted hat.
I wonder how this routine will change when we start to get more than 30,000 fans… A Mets fan can only dream! #LGM

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    This is something I posted in April. My daily routine going to Mets games. Enjoy.


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