Prime Wild Cards

Welcome to the final installment of the Prime Series.Over the last month, we went position by position and picking the best players at each position. After we finished the main positions, we had our grand finale show, Prime 25 and named Miguel Cabrera the best player in Baseball. We then spun-off and did Managers, and now for our final post, were doing Wild Cards. What are Wild Cards? Wild Cards are a combination of Designated Hitters, and the players that just mist the respective position’s list. Wild Cards was the last chance for Great Mariano Rivera to make the list, but did he? Lets find out!

5. Cliff Lee – Philadelphia Phillies (SP)
Finally! I was completely shocked when Cliff Lee didn’t make the Starting Pitchers list, however as usual stats dont lie. What kept Lee out of Prime SP was his ERA at 2.87. There are 5 better pitchers, however we weren’t going to let Lee go on without a Prime Award!

4. Max Scherzer – Detroit Tigers (SP)
No, this is not Prime Starting Pitchers part 2. It’s just that there is a lot of depth at the Starting Pitchers position. Heck, how can you leave out the AL All-Star Starter?  Dan Plesac’s “Hey Cheif! It’s Max!” line, is his go-to phrase when talking about Scherzer, and it cracks me up! Good milestone that he got to 20 Wins as well.

3. Yoenis Cespedes- Oakland Athletics (OF-DH)
had a tough time finding a place for Yoenis. I remember watching his big-league debut versus the M’s in Tokyo, Japan. 1 day in, and he was the Face of the Franchise. While not a typical Billy Beane signing, it was a smart move. The A’s have made the Postseason the last Two years, much thanks to Cespedes.

2. Carlos Gonzalez- Colorado Rockies (CF)
Cargo should have made our Prime CF list, and I still regret the choice to this day. But all ended well. Tulo and Cargo have led the Rockies for a long time now. I hope he stays with the Rockies even though he is subject to multiple trade rumors.

**1** David Ortiz- Boston Red Sox (DH)
I got him in there eventually! Ortiz, is one of the most humblest players in the bigs. (did i just make up a word?) I am excited to watch his show, Off the Bat, which will air on MTV2. He changed the course of the 2013 postseason with a memorable ALCS Game 2 Grand Slam. Ortiz or “Big Papi” was eventually named World Series MVP.

Thanks to Ben Grieco, for amazing work this offseason with the Prime Lists. Next year,(yes I plan ahead!) we will be removing the Managers category, and adding 3 new categories! 1.Designated Hitter, 2.Teams and 3.Mascots (for fun!)

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