Prime Managers

Here’s Pepper’s Prime list of the best Managers:

5. Buck Showalter- Baltimore Orioles
I like Buck. He brings a sort of firepower to Baseball that very few managers bring. Showalter brough the O’s to the Playoffs in 2011. The Orioles have a good squad this year, and i look forward to watching him.

4. Mike Matheny- St.Louis Cardinals

Matheny, a former catcher is one of the best young Baseball Mangers.He has brought the Cardinals to the playoffs Two years in a row. Matheny also has a close relationship to the Cardinal players. He has actually played with some of them!

3.Bud Black- Padres
Bud Black is the Padres second personnel to make a Prime list (Quentin being the other). Black has had a hard time with the Padres lately, especially with the last Three years.

2. John Farrell – Boston Red Sox
Farrell is one of the best managers. Why? In his first year, he took a last place team to a first place team. The Red Sox won the World Series last year. Point Blank.

**1** Joe Maddon- Tampa Bay Rays
The thinking manager wins today’s top spot. Here’s part of an article from the Boston Globe about Maddon. “He does the most with less. That’s the consensus about Maddon, who has proven over and over again that in any season he should be considered for Manager of the Year. Our panel feels his upbeat, irreverent, loosey-goosey style fits perfectly with the modern-day player.” P

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