9 Days till Opening Day… Roster Logistics

9 more days…. Then Baseball! Another 9 days… Then official Opening Day! 

The D-Backs and Dodgers have exactly 2 more days in camp, and then a lucky 25 get to take a trip down under. However considering that only 2 Starters will start, how do you fill the 3 Vacant spots? 
For the Dodgers: 1. Bring Dan Haren. Kershaw and Ryu are set up to pitch these games. But since they might be a little rusty, or injured, it’s always good to bring another veteran Pitcher. 2.Bring Tim federowicz as a Third Catcher. 3. Bring Mike Baxter. Baxter’s defense is pretty good. Considering some of the outfielders might get tired since there not used to playing 9 straight. 
For the D-Backs: Bring Bronson Arroyo. I don’t get why Cahill is scheduled to pitch Game 2, but Arroyo is better qualified. Regardless, Arroyo should make the Squad. 2. Bring Brandon McCarthy. I believe McCarthy would be good for a long relief outing Down under. 3. Tony Campana. Campana is currently on the verge of making the D-Backs for defense, but his bat could come in handy at the Cricket Grounds.


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