March 11th, 2014

Prime Third Baseman

The Hot Corner is more than just a hard position to dominate, its the King of all positions. There is a stereotype that Its the most demanding position, and from experience, it is! Here is Pepper’s Prime list of the Top 5 Third Baseman.

5. Josh Donaldson – Oakland A’s

 Donaldson just made this year’s cut. Edging out Ryan Zimmerman for this years 5th slot. Donaldson Batted 301 with over 20 homeruns and over 90 RBI’s. This clinched a spot for him. Donaldson’s Postseason was particularly week though.

4. Manny Machado – Baltimore Orioles
Machado got injured at the end of 2013, but that didnt factor in to why he is my #4 choice. I chose Machado based on his glove, which as we all know, it’s exceptional! Machado also set a league record for Doubles this year, which makes his talent that much better!

3. Adrian Beltre – Texas Rangers 
A lot of fans view Beltre as a #1, #2 type player. I agree, but like most lists, I believe that there are better Third Baseman out there. Nonetheless, Beltre is undoubtedly a Baseball superstar, He hit more doubles than anyone else in the American League for crying out loud!
2. Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
The Rays are very lucky to have a player like Longo on their team. He brings leadership to the Rays, and is a veteran. He is a 3x All-Star, Silver Slugger Award winner and was Rookie of the Year back in ’08. He has a 512 career slugging percentage and has hit 200 doubles. He hit the famous homerun to charge the Rays past the BoSox in 2011!
**1.** David Wright – New York Mets
David Wright is one of my favorite players of all time. His defense is impeccable, and his power is just as great. He missed a month due to injury last year, but it didn’t stop “Captain America” from slowing down. David was an Home Run Derby participate last year, and also became the captain of the Mets last year. With Curtis Granderson batting behind him, I believe 7x All-Star Wright’s stats will be much better. 

Spring Training Plus 3/11/14

-With the Atlanta Braves pitching staff banged up, they are looking to acquire Ervin Santana.

– The Jays beat the Tigers 3-2 today.
-The Nats beat the Yanks 3-2 as well today.
– David Price lead the Rays to a 7-1 victory today!
– Both the Dodgers and D-Backs will head over to Aussie-Town on Sunday.
-Prime 25 is this Saturday!
-Prime 3B is today, followed by SP on Thursday