Prime Right Fielders

Hey Everyone! Its time for another edition of the series only on Pepper! Right field is a position filled with depth all over America. Ryan Braun is not on this list. This is because I disapprove of the use of PED’s. Besides Braun, the list is filled with Right Fielders full of talent, speed, agility and Baseball knowledge.
Lets start the list!:

5. Carlos Beltran – New York Yankees
Beltran’s season with the Cardinals last year was one of his best. He batted 296. Hit over 20 hr’s and over 80 RBI”s. Beltran said he always wanted to win a World Series. His dream came ever so close of coming true last year, but with an improved Yankee squad this year, his chances are not bad.

4. Giancarlo Stanton- Miami Marlins
I’ve finally got out of the routine of calling Giancarlo “Mike”. Stanton has amazing power. He is one of the best players in Major League Baseball. Stanton a 2012 All-Star, has hit over 20 homers since 2010 (his rookie year). Stanton has been subject to multiple trade rumors over the last 12 months, yet Miami has no intention of trading him or Jose Fernandez.

3. Allen Craig- St. Louis Cardinals
Craig was banged up for a portion of 2013, and that kept him out of Second place. Craig came back for the World Series, but was limited  to DH for most of the WS. His power is very evident in his game, and it helps him immensely. Craig’s career average is currently at 306, which landed him this slot on our list.

2. Yasiel Puig- LA Dodgers
Puig’s half-season in the MLB was one of the best of all time. Puig is the best #2 on our lists, in fact Puig came decimal points away from being #1. Point blank is, he came up too late. If Puig had debut in the Majors before Memorial Day, then things might have been different. The Dodgers, running on a World Series or BUST atmosphere, will rely on Puig in 2014.

**1.** Jose Bautista – Toronto Blue Jays
Joey Bats is a very recognizable figure in Baseball. Especially in Canada. Bautista hit 28 homeruns in 2013, and his defense is impeccable as well. Jose’s season was considerably worse than people wanted, yet he still gets the Top spot on our “Right Fielders” list!

What’s next? Well, we finish up our regular lists next week with 3B on Tuesday and SP on Thursday. Then on March 15th, watch our “Prime 25” special!


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