March 3rd, 2014

Pepper Show On The Road

Another Pepper Show On The Road from the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

Unfortunately, all good things come to a end. Pepper’s LIVE coverage from Florida ended tonight, but we will be back next year, for a longer period of time. I promise! 
Tomorrow,  I will be giving you my Spring Training review, followed by Prime Center Fielders, stay tuned!

More Candids from Spring Training

– Outside of Roger Dean Stadium

– Batting Practice Galore

– Outside of Tradition Field

Spring Training Plus- 3/3/14

Spring Training continued to heat up yesterday with a lot of good games!

-The Tigers and Braves both coudnt score a run yesterday, thus the game ended in a Zero-Zero tie. ( Ties are allowed after 10 innings in ST) 
– The Reds defeated the Padres 14-5 yesterday, Donald Lutz hit the line Home Run in the game, for the Reds in the Ninth.
-Masahiro Tanaka’s relief outing on Saturday was “relieving”, and “calmed him down”. 
– Our final Pepper Show from Flordia is today, and some final ST photos.