February 27th, 2014

Prime Second Baseman

Some people have asked me if I simply copy the Shredder’s list from MLBN. The answer is no. Today, 2 of our Prime Second baseman weren’t on the Shredder’s list. Lets start Pepper’s most controversial Prime list.

5. Brandon Phillips- Cincinnati Reds
Phillips is one of Baseball’s best defensive players.  Phillips hit more than 100 RBI’s last year. This gave him a spot on Pepper’s prime list! Phillips is the second best player on the Reds, and has a lot of potential.

4. Daniel Murphy- New York Mets
Congrats to Murphy for sloting at #4 this year.I had a chance to speak to Murphy last year at Spring Training, and he told me ” I love playing Baseball in New York”.  Murphy had career highs in most categories, and was 2nd in the league for doubles. Murphy enters 2014 without competition or injury, and look to improve this year.

File:BZobrist.jpg3. Ben Zobrist -Tampa Bay Rays
Zobrist deserved to be on this list, while it was harder to figure out which position to fit him into! Zobrist has hit over 100 homeruns in his career and is flawless with his glove. Zobrist is the type of player that every team wants. He is more than your average utility Player, he is an Awesome, 1B-2B-SS-3B-LF-CF-RF player.

2. Dustin Pedroia -Boston Red Sox
The worst part of these lists is that once I reveal #2, there is no secret for #1. Second Base is no exception. While he only hit 9 homeuns last year, “Laser Show” has a Batting Average above 300. That always makes any Baseball fan think of the player as an elite ballplayer. Not to mention the Sox went all the way last year!

**1.** Robinson Cano- Seattle M’s
This one was no shocker. Cano is a “Stud” as my blog partner Borja likes to say. Cano got a humongous deal over the offseason to play ball with Seattle, and its only so happens he turns out on top of our Prime list!

Face of MLB Finals!

Hey everyone! Tommorow, the #FaceOfMLB will be crowned! The 2 players left are #DavidWright for the Mets and #EricSogard for the A’s. After a month long search ( and my Vote Wright campaign) it will finally end tomorrow. Don’t forget to #VoteWright for #FaceofMLB tonight!!!!!