Profile: RA Dickey

R.A Dickey, 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner, (and probably my favorite ball player of all time) was recently announced as Toronto’s Opening Day Starting Pitcher, when Dickey was on the Mets, he was simply my favorite pitcher, and that wasn’t because of his profound 2012 season. It was because of his very wholesome nature, that I read about in his book “Wherever I Wind Up”, it is simply my favorite book of all time, and Baseball wasn’t the only reason. I find myself not understanding religious concepts as much as I could, the only time I go to church, was when my Grandmother took me to as a kid. I’m positive those exact words were spoken in Mr.Dickey’s book.   Now I am 14 years old, and I feel more inspired to do things I haven’t thought about before. Dickey being traded was a sad moment for me, yet it all worked out well in the end for the Mets. R.A Dickey’s knuckleball is also pretty amazing. I’m still trying to figure out the dynamics of the pitch, yet it seems pretty hard to master. I believe R.A has inspired other people as well to cherish their careers as well.

Side Note: Our Pepper Show studio, will be renamed after long time Broadcasting Legend Ralph Kiner. Kiner inspired me to enjoy broadcasting. So our studio is now named the ” Ralph Kiner Studios”


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