Prime Relief Pitchers

Well this should be a very interesting list, who to put? Mariano Rivera was one of 3 pitchers in contention for #5. This was probably the most down to the wire list yet, so here we go!

5. Koji Uehara – Boston Red Sox

Koji was a tough pick for #5, as I know you guys wanted to see Mo here, the main reason why Rivera couldn’t get on the list is because of his higher than average ERA for a starter. Uehara has a better 1.09 Era, and pitched amazing in the postseason.

4. Aroldis Chapman – Cincinnati Reds

Chapman is more than a flamethrower now, while his ERA is slightly over what is needed to make the list, he brings a strong presence to the mound.  His consistent 100+ Mph fastball is pretty darn nice. I believe Chapman would improve if he kept the ball in the ballpark a little more. While Chapman is not an established closer, he has the complete setup to be an accomplished one. 

3. Greg Holland -Kansas City Royals

Holland’s 1.21 ERA is just icing on the top of Greg Holland’s cake. Holland was 2nd in the league in Saves with 47, Holland is kind of the underrated closer in Baseball, however I believe Holland is one of the most dominant, as this list shows!

2. Kenley Jansen – Los Angeles Dodgers

Jansen is a whole pitcher, now what does whole mean? A closer with an ERA under 2.00, giving up less than 10 homeruns, and records more than 100 strikeouts, Jansen has all of those credentials, I enjoy watching closers pitch, they do it with such elegance, Jansen is no execption.

**1.** Craig Kimbrel – Atlanta Braves

Kimbrel deserved to be MLB’s prime Relief Pitcher, Kimbrel has led the NL in Saves for Three years in a row now, and I bet that extension he received last month put i smile on his face! Kimbrel only gave up 4 homeruns this year (The Mets never seem to have a problem with Kimbrel though!). Kimbrel gives an “Im ten times better than you” look to all the opposing batters, and it seems to work!

Well, that wraps up the Relivers! Next up is First Baseman on Thursday, and dont forget to check in later to watch a new “Pepper Show” tonight!

2 Replies to “Prime Relief Pitchers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice list! MO SAD

  2. Ford Dealership Girl says:

    Are the Sydney opening series games important?


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