February 16th, 2014

Mets Flash by Niko Goutakolis

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Kimbrel avoids arbitration

The Atlanta Braves continue to lock up their young core, as they now have signed the best closer in baseball, Craig Kimbrel, to an extension. The 25 year old Kimbrel will be in Atlanta for the next 4 seasons, and there is an option for a 5th year. The original 4 year deal is worth $42 million, but if Kimbrel exercises the option and stays for a 5th, he can make up to $58.5 million. Kimbrel has been unhittable ever since his first full season as Atlanta’s closer in 2011. He has lead the NL in saves in the last 3 seasons, with totals of 46 in 2011, 42 in 2012, and 50 in 2013. In those seasons, he has had remarkable ERA’s of 2.10, 1.01, and 1.21. But Kimbrel is mostly well known for his fastball, which he can easily get over 100 miles per hour, and it results in astronomical strikeout numbers. In 2011, he had 127 strikeouts, which is more than some full-time starting pitchers, and he did it in 77 innings pitched. He had 116 k’s in 62.2 innings in 2012, and 98 k’s in 67 innings this past season.

2-16 Spring Training Plus

 Baseball is Back! By now, all teams have reported to Spring Training, we are 9 Days away from the start of actual games, yet there are still some signs of winter left. Free Agents like Nelson Cruz, Stephen Drew and Ervin Santana still haven’t signed, obviously the clock is running out, those key FA’s need to report to Spring Training, and they are running out of time.

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The Red Sox getting ready do defend their title (MLB – Twitter)
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The Mets in camp (Mets Blog)