Ninth Pepper Show (#AskTheHosts)

Borja and Niko host #AskTheHosts! The brand new Pepper Show Special.
Due to technical glitches, the first minute is missing, for those who don’t know, this show was a full question show, with your questions being directed to one of our Bloggers.


Good special … Yet two specials in a row?

Here's my Top 5 Pepper Shows

5. Ask hosts #9 ( they did a really good job promoting this, like really GOOD JOB, i assume they got toms of questions cause of this. Yet I expected a little more Fun with the show.
4. Ep 7 or the outdoor one. I thought this one was great because the hosts looked like they were having fun plus the Tanaka coverage was good
3. Ep. 6 this one man show was good all around.
2. Ep. 1 We got untried to the Pepper Show. Very Funny, good coverage and a lot of news.
1. Ep. 2 This ep was the best cause it had the best Inbox, and showed us that the pilot wasn't a fluke, this was goin to be a good show





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