February 7th, 2014

D-Backs sign Arroyo for 2 years

Starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo has finally found a new home in Arizona. The deal is for two years with an option for a 3rd, and is worth up to 23.5 million. Arroyo, who is 36 years old, is still arguably the most durable starting pitcher in the game. He has pitched at least 200 innings in every season since 2004, with the exception of 2011, when he pitched 199. In 2013 with Cincinnati, Arroyo pitched 202 innings, had a win-loss record of 14-12, and had an ERA of 3.79. Never overwhelming numbers, but still solid every single season.

Spring Training Plus

– Spring Training kicked off yesterday for Two cactus Leauge teams.

– Though Games don’t start for another Two Weeks, some players call this the most important part of Spring Training. 
– We kicked off our new “Spring” look today! 
– Long time great pitcher Curt Schilling was diagnosed with cancer this week. Our thoughts go out to his family.
– This awnser to this week trivia question is!…… 4. Exhibition Stadium(Toronto) , Park Jerrie(Montréal), Sky Dome (Toronto) and Le Stade Oylmpique ( Montréal)
– #AskTheHosts Pepper Show airs Tommorow!