Month: January 2014

Offseason Tracker / Inbox (9)

– The Cubs signed Jason Hammel to a one year deal.-David Ortiz is looking for a One Year Deal with Boston.        This weeks inbox is #AskBen, #AskBorja or #AskNiko week. Direct your question to one of our Hosts! Use the Hashtag of your choice and your question

As Spring Training Looms…. More FA’s sign

More Free Agents are expected to sign today: – Bruce Chen is close to signing a one year deal with the Royals – The Royals are in the market for another starter to replace Ervin Santana. -Stephen Drew is not getting more than a 1 year deal from any team.

Michael Young Retiring

Michael Young, the 7-time all-star third basemen, has decided to retire.Young has been hinting at retirement the entire offseason, so it didn’t surprise most. But it still surprised and disapointed me a lot. Young, at 37, is still completly healthy, while Lance Berkman, who retired yesterday also at age 37,

Pepper Show (S1-E8) Blooper Special!

Enjoy an episode of bad puns, Loud Voices, Mistakes, Laughes , and of course Baseball!

The "Big Puma" Calls it Quits

Lance Berkman, one of the best Houston Astros hitters in franchise history, and one of the finest switch-hitters in baseball history, has announced his retirement. The first baseman just broke the news this afternoon. Berkman has been dealing with knee problems for the past 2 seasons, playing only 73 games

From a statistical point of view (1)

I am obsessed with stats. Though that sentence is very broad, I am telling the truth. The statistical world mystifies me. I enjoy writing down players stats, and using stats in predictions. During February, I am going to take you on a statistical journey. Today, I am going to look

MLB Approves new "Protective Cap" for pitchers

The 2013-2014 Offseason has been memorable, with foreign signings, 10 Year contracts, Rule changes (Instant Replay), and lots more. Well, now we can add another event to the offseason, new Protective Caps are now optional for pitchers. They will help stop concussions, and make pitchers more defensive. These new caps

Pepper Inbox -8

Post about spring training. What’s the best about it? The Pepper Show airs this Thursday at 3PM. Also, the awnser to te trivia challenge was Larry Walker. Walker won the NL MVP in 1995, which was the Rockies third year as a Baseball Team! Pepper Trivia returns next Monday with

MLB Top Prospects

As the 2014 season nears, I’m going to take a look at some of MLB’s top prospects that have a chance of making the opening day roster. Byron Buxton- The Minnesota Twins OF prospect took the minor leagues by storm last year and is #1 ranked prospect. I expect

Where Will the Remaining Free Agents End Up?

Surprisingly, as close as we are to spring training, there still are some key free agents left on the board. Why is this? A lot of the free agents left are not huge difference-makers, but they have high prices and are not willing to settle for less. Also, some free

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