Day: December 13, 2013

Friday Recap

On Friday two big deals went down. The Tampa Bay Rays suprisingly made a big move by resigning 1B James Loney. The Kansas City Royals added to their infield by signing Omar Infante. This is big because the Yankees were hoping to sign Infante and rejected Brandon Phillips in order

S^2C Offseason Tracker 12-13-13

Omar Infante agreed to a 4 Year Deal with Kansas City.David Ortiz is seeking a 1 year contract extension.I believe he deserves it considering his Postseason.James Loney signed a deal with Tampa Bay.The #PepperShow Episode 2 premieres tomorrow at 1PM

The Market for Johan Santana

After missing out in 2013. Johan Santana is attempting recovery from his Second Capsule Surgery. No one has ever returned from 2 surgeries of such magnitude. Santana is currently being watched by the Yankees, Blue Jays and Twins.

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