Yankees sign Jacoby Ellsbury for 7 years, 150 Million

Making their second big free-agent signing this offseason, the Yankees signed former nemesis Jacoby Ellsbury to a 7 year, 150 million contract. With the Yankees still having major weaknesses, especially in their starting rotation, and trying to get under the 189 million dollar tax threshold, this raises doubts whether Robinson Cano will stay with the team. Cano recently lowered his asking price to 9 years and 260 million, which is still far from what the Yankees will be willing to do. But assuming that the Yankees re-sign Cano, and that Alex Rodriguez will be suspending for at least the whole 2014 season, this is my predicted Opening Day lineup for the Yankees next April:

CF- Jacoby Ellsbury
SS- Derek Jeter
2B- Robinson Cano
C- Brian McCann
1B- Mark Teixeira
DH- Alfonso Soriano
LF- Brett Gardner
RF- Ichiro Suzuki
3B- Eduardo Nunez

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