Jacoby Ellisbury signs 7 year 150 Million dollar deal With the Yankees

12-3 -13 the most crazy day in Baseball offseason  history. This is a huge deal sand expect it to be more developed tomorrow.The Yankees, have made their club 10 times better with this signing, but how do Yankee fans feel about this? Can the Yankees go sign Cano now? All of these questions are up in the air. To date this is the biggest signing of the Offseason.
                    FOR OUR GERMAN VIEWERS:
3.12 -13 die verrückten Tag in Baseball Offseason Geschichte. Das wird eine große Sache Sand erwarten, dass es weiter entwickelten tomorrow.The Yankees, haben ihren Club 10 mal besser mit diesem Abschluss gemacht, aber wie Yankee Fans dazu? Kann die Yankees gehen unterzeichnen Cano jetzt? All diese Fragen sind in der Luft. Bis heute ist dies die größte Unterzeichnung der Offseason.

3 Replies to “Jacoby Ellisbury signs 7 year 150 Million dollar deal With the Yankees”

  1. Ben Grieco says:

    nico we have german viewers?

  2. Ben Grieco says:

    how do you know that

  3. Anonymous says:

    Suddenly this is the craziest Hot Stove season in recent memory.


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