Mets re-locate Retired Numbers


“The combination of our increased attendance coupled with the retirement of Mike Piazza’s number brought to light the need to enhance the visibility for all of our retired numbers, which were frequently obstructed in their previous location.” – Statement from the Mets organization

Ultimately, this is a smart move. It allows for the numbers to be seen for the first time since 2011, and the Mets have used the old wall space for ad space, as Cholula Hot Sauce and M&M’s have inserted their corporate logos where the numbers used to be. Thus, this truly is a win-win.


What kind of Blog Content do you prefer?

I’m still very un-sure what I want for the future of MetsPlus. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to integrate some non-Mets articles into the site, but still keep the core focus of the blog on the Mets.

For the most part, that is what I have done, but there is still a lot of un-published content that is sitting on the shelf (some Mets, some not Mets), and there is a lot of published content that isn’t really great stuff. Now, I’m going to reveal my upcoming plan for and what a viewer coming to this site is going to expect:


1) Until the End of the Postseason/Season – No changes, at least for now. The offseason is a great time to re-evaluate, and I’m going to need all of it to figure out how I’m going to re-energize MetsPlus.

2) Late Oct until Early Dec – Site goes down for “Renovation”. Yes, it’s just a website, but I want my website to look strong and professional. Instead of having a pedestrian appearance, MetsPlus will temporarily be “closed” per se, until it’s re-launched in early December (or earlier, hopefully).

3) Early Dec- Relaunch with the Winter Meetings. This year, I’m hoping to attend the annual Winter Meetings, this year held in the Nation’s Capital. The Winter Meetings would be a great spring board for MetsPlus, and I’m targeting that week as the re-launch date.

4) 2017 and beyond – New Content on a New Platform? I certainly want to create new content revolving around my daily interests, but to be honest, while most of them are Mets related, a good amount of them aren’t, and is not the best platform for that. While that doesn’t mean I plan to leave, I disagree with some of’s marketing tactics, and I’m not too fond of the un-controlable advertisements that come up on the side of my website.

Thank you for your understanding and continued readership. 


Proper Hydration and Heat Advisory

The MLB Urban Youth Academy has been supporting youth Baseball for a while, and through their MLBlog at, they allow kids of all ages to read up and enjoy playing America’s greatest game.

Today, here are summer tips for playing Baseball in the heat:

Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy - Compton, CA

Academy Parents and Members,

The Athletic Training Staff would like to alert you to the upcoming changes in weather for the upcoming week.  As you may have noticed on the local weather reports, we are beginning a heat wave in which the temperatures will be in the high 80’s to low 90’s.  This is a significant change from the past weeks.

We are taking this time to alert you to the possibility of dehydration and heat illness not only for the upcoming week, but for the remainder of the summer months.

To prevent any heat related illness due to dehydration, the athletic training staff is recommending that all members hydrate properly for all outdoor activities.  Proper hydration begins before you show up at the academy. For best results it is recommended that you increase fluid intake a day or two in advance of outdoor exercise. The best fluids to reduce…

View original post 470 more words

Watch: Mike Piazza HOF Interview

On January 6, 2016, Mike Piazza was welcomed to immortality when he was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association. The Hall of Fame sat down with Mike in New York City just hours after he was introduced to the world as a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Class of 2016. This is a portion of that interview.

#ThePlusInMetsPlus: It’s GLOW Time

As most of you know already, the Columbia Fireflies are the new Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets, moving over from Savannah and Historic Grayson Stadium to Columbia, South Carolina, a city that hasn’t had Baseball for over 12 seasons.


Last summer, it was announced that the team was going to be called the “Fireflies” and that they were going to use neon green and navy blue as their color scheme. As I mentioned a few months ago in my first post,  I absolutely love this scheme, as it is very underused in Professional Baseball, and it is fairly original.


Their home ballpark is “Sprint Communications Ballpark”, named after Sprint Communications, and designed by Populous, otherwise known as HOK Sports Venues, and quite honestly, this was the only corporate branding I saw. Literally. There were only six wall advertisements (which were all bunched together, to make the wall look clean), and there were four advertisements around the scoreboard, and one Budweiser sign is right-center.


I cannot tell you how enjoyable it was to watch a ballgame in a stadium that didn’t have 25 ads on the wall and who knows how many around various parts of the park. This is truly a rarity around MiLB stadiums. After all, when I went to Long Island to see the Independent Long Island Ducks, there were over forty, yes FORTY advertisements, and the independence from advertisements didn’t end there. Instead of the “Foxwoods Casino Club,” it was the “Club Lounge,” instead of the “Party City Dance Cam,” it was just the “Dance Cam.” Very nice.

Of course, this is their inaugural season, and this might not always be the case, and this wasn’t the reason I came to Columbia, but I thought it made for a good baseball game experience.

Now, to that main event, the game. The Fireflies were playing the Delmarva Shorebirds (to all of those about to search up “Delmarva,” I’ll save you thirty seconds, it’s a large peninsula on the East Coast of the United States, occupied by most of Delaware and portions of Maryland and Virginia, and are the Single-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, and they play in the South Atlantic League, which splits it’s season into two portions. Basically, you can make it into the postseason if you win the first half or the second half.

The Fireflies are 41-48 with both parts of the season combined, and are now 5-13 in the second half. While the postseason doesn’t look like a reality in their inaugural season, attendance has been pretty good, they average around 3,000 fans per night, and they’ve sold a considerable amount of season tickets.

If you are ever in Charleston, Greenville, Charlotte, Durham, Myrtle Beach or any other area in the Carolinas or northern Georgia, I really suggest attending a Columbia Fireflies game. It’s a very good atmosphere, and the fans are pretty into the game. Additionally, they many different seating types throughout the ballpark. There is a berm  in left and right center, a table setup down the left field line by the bullpens, and best traditional seating throughout the ballpark, including 16 luxury suites and a 7,000 square-foot Club Lounge (which is air conditioned, which is quintessential considering temperatures reach 100 degrees in the middle of the summer).

For those with kids, there is a play area by the left field foul pole. I’m not entirely sure what it is called, but there are inflatables, fun games, and a big blown up “Mason,” the mascot of the Columbia Fireflies, which kind of reminds me of the Phillie Phinatic in Philadelphia.

mason jar team store NOW GLOW.jpg

I didn’t take a big look around the concourse, but it seemed that all of the traditional ballpark fare, in addition to some local eats were available. As far as shopping, the Mason Jar Team Store was one of the biggest minor league team stores I’ve seen around. There is plenty of helpful staff that is ready to help. Additionally, if you are not in the area, there is an online shop on their official website here.

If you have any questions about the Fireflies, email me at, or tweet me @NikoMetsPlus, or contact the Fireflies directly through their website. 



Fireflies versus Shorebirds Lineup

I’ll be attending the 2016 Triple-A All Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina

For the fifth time, I’ll be attending the Triple-A All Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Charlotte Knights, Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.


Since 2011, my family and I have taken a yearly vacation to the host city of the Triple-A All-Star Game, and we have discovered the country so much better.

Here is a list of the cities I’ve visited since 2011:


2011 Salt Lake City, Utah Home of the Salt Lake Bees (LAA) Spring Mobile Ballpark 3-0



(C: 15,411)
2012 Buffalo, New York Home of the Buffalo Bisons (NYM) Coca-Cola Field 3-0

Pacific Coast League

(C: 18,025)
2013 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2014 Durham, North Carolina Home of the Durham Bulls (TB) Durham Bulls Athletic Park 7-3



(C: 10,000)
2015 Omaha,


Home of the Omaha Storm Chasers (KC) Werner Park 4-3



(C: 9,023)

(NOTE: I skipped the 2013 Triple-A All Star Game in Reno, Nevada, due to the Major League All-Star Game being held in Citi Field)

By and large this has been a fun yearly tradition that I have been blogging about since 2013, and I look forward to continue blogging about it this year in Charlotte!

My opinion of the Zack Hample fiasco

Even though Independence Day was yesterday, the Mets had one of the best comeback victories in franchise history that gave them their fifth consecutive win, the focus of the majority of the twitter accounts I follow is the incident(s) that surrounded credited ballhawk Zack Hample.

For those that are not aware, Zack Hample, a so-called “professional ballhawk” who averages around 10 Baseballs per game, thanks to numerous tricks like the glove ball trick, wearing numerous t-shirts of different teams to increase chances of getting balls thrown at him, and he has caught numerous commemorative baseballs, like the final homerun at Shea Stadium, and as everyone knows, Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit, which he documents on his blog, The Baseball Collector, which is another popular MLBlog.


To be completely honest, I’ve been reading Zack Hample’s blog for a while, and I’ve always been a little skeptical. In 2010, when I was eleven years old, I was sitting in the Pepsi Porch, and came 2+ hours early to catch batting practice. Zack did not give any balls to other kids, or me, but to completely honest I wasn’t very upset or mad at him, I just thought he was weird. Lately, however, he seems to be more flexible with his baseballs, and gives them away to kids, teens and even adults that want one. However, it’s important to note that all of this happens on-camera, as if he is trying to clean his image and make sure the public sees it. (which is ten times better than not giving any baseballs)

Last week however, Deadspin wrote an article criticizing Zack for throwing a fit and claiming someone body-slammed him when trying to get a Baseball. One thing led to another, and Zack was trending on Twitter with the handle #ThingsBetterThanHample.

This however was only the appetizer, the main course was Hample’s decision to attend the Fort Bragg game in North Carolina.

I’m not going to summarize it, but if you don’t know what happened, you can read about it here, here, here, over here, or heck even here.

If popular British newspapers are writing about this incident, I honestly don’t know how he’s going to step out of his house tomorrow, let alone ballhawk at a future game.

However, I want to point out a few things about Zack and his ticket before you fire up your pitchforks.

#1- Zack was NOT the only guy in the stands that wasn’t supposed to be there

I’m positive about this one. The reason MLB made it so clear that tickets to DoD members were non-transferable was to scare away some of the black market ticket scalping, but I guarantee you that Zack was one of many spectators that had no connection to anyone that served in any branch of the military, and while that’s not good, it’s what happens at every single event, and while I don’t believe Zack’s story about getting them from “a friend of a friend”, if Zack didn’t go, the ticket wouldn’t have gone to a disabled veteran who has always loved Baseball since he or she was a little child, it would have gone to another lowlife that bought the ticket from the guy that won a lottery for tickets, and wanted to make some profit.

#2 – Zack’s main problem was promoting that he was at the game, not actually going to the game.

Going to the game for Zack was just another instance of doing something that in retrospect was probably stupid, but would be enjoyable in the moment. I think we’ve all had those moments. I for sure have, but Zack took it one step too far by promoting it. While this example is much more serious that breaking into a private event, imagine stealing a purse at a department store, because you really want the limited edition purse that is in stores for one-day only. You steal the purse, but instead of quietly taking the purse and never mentioning it, you videotape stealing the purse, and then take pictures of it when you get home and post it all over Social Media. This is what Zack did. If he created a fake account under an alias, got in, grabbed a ball, and then left, he would have been able to have a ball, get no press, and then in two years time, he could display the ball on his website if he really wanted to. Think about it, let’s pretend the Civil Rights Game of 2014 was only for decedents and children of people that were present in Birmingham in 1963. Would you remember today, in 2016, that tickets for that game two seasons ago was reserved for special individuals? I wouldn’t, and even if I did, if he came up with what sounded like a valid excuse, would anyone really care or be skeptical? No. Zack fed wood into his own fire by posting tweets and sharing images. He’s not dumb, he knew that it was a risk to attend in the first place, so the only possible reason he tweeted out images was for self-promotion.

#3- While donating 1,100 dollars to AMVETS is great, and way more than I could ever give, the way he did it was wrong.

Before I explain this one, I want to say that I’ve made many mistakes in my life, and when I screw up again and people on Twitter bash me, it’s usually justified. People make mistakes and put their own foot in their mouth. I did it after a Mets Pirates game in June, and there is nothing better than a sincere apology. Just say you are sorry, step back for a few days, and get back at it after things get better. The incorrect thing to do is to push that what you are doing is correct and that you aren’t at fault. @BigDavesRants, a popular Mets twitter account, summed up Zack’s charity donation very well, when he said that publicly flaunting about your donation hours after a big mistake is like saying “I’m a good boy, right?”. Don’t get me wrong, that donation will go to the right place, and ultimately it’s more money that most people bashing Hample would give together, but the donation would have been considerably better if it was a bit more confidential.

This post was fairly un-nescesary, and not related to the Mets at all, but with all of the fanfare and the criticism flying all over social media, I wanted to chime in. If you find this article, just know it’s my opinion, and wether or not you agree with it is up to your discretion, and I respect your opinion whatever it may be. I won’t be promoting this article, as I feel a lot of outlets are posting there thoughts on Hample to gain clicks, whereas I just want my thoughts to be on the record.

Happy Independence Day!

Today is July 4th, and as a lot of you know by now, the Mets have swept a quintessential series from the Cubs, and are now entering a calmer by still important three game set with their division rivals in Florida, the Miami Marlins.

Like most July 4th games, the Mets and Marlins will be playing a matinee at 4:10pm. The Mets will be wearing these uniforms, (which have been receiving mixed reactions from fans) along with patriotic themed caps. Both of these items have limited availability on the Shop, and they are available at most major sports retailers.

Even if you won’t be joining us at the game this evening, the entire MetsPlus team would like to thank you for reading and we wish you and your entire family a happy Independence Day.



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