Watch: Back In The New York Groove at Citi!

Back In The New York Groove sure has grown on me as a strong win song:

Watch: Piano Man Sing-A-Long at Citi Field!

Some people love it, some people hate it, but we can all agree it’s best when they actually get to finish it!

Watch: Seventh Inning Stretch at Citi!

This is something that hasn’t changed since I became a Mets fan ten years ago:



WATCH: Mets Opening Montage from 2016

On Sunday, the Mets played their last regular season home game of the year, and I was having a great time watching the Mets bring in run after run from section 306.

I filmed a few CitiVision segments, and here is the first of four, the Opening Montage:

WATCH: Asdrubal Wins It!!!!!!

WBC Brooklyn Qualifier rosters announced

If you have the chance this week, go catch a WBC Qualifier match at MCU Park. Good excuse to go out to Coney Island.

The World Baseball Classic announced the rosters of the four participating countries in the Brooklyn Qualifier: Brazil, Great Britain, Israel and Pakistan.AfbeeldingsresultaatThese four will take on each other from September 22 through September 25 at MCU Ballpark, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones (A Short Season affiliate of the New York Mets in the New York-Penn League). 

Israel will have around 20 affiliated minor league players on its roster. Next to those, the team will have former MLB pitcher Jason Marquis, former MLB infielder Ike Davis, AAA player Josh Satin and Craig Breslow on its roster. The players are:
Alex Katz (White Sox), Jared Lakind (Pirates), R.C. Orlan (Nationals) and Ryan Sherriff Afbeeldingsresultaat(Cardinals), Corey Baker (Cardinals), Bradley Goldberg (White Sox), Tyler Herron (Mets), Dean Kremer (Dodgers), Troy Neiman (Rockies), Joey Wagman (Oakland) and Josh Zeid (Mets); infielders Scott Burcham (Rockies), Cody Decker(Red Sox), Nate Freiman (Red Sox) Ty Kelly…

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There’s no explaining these Mets, so let’s all just enjoy the ride they’re taking us on.

Yesterday was a tough loss, but Baseball is a weird game. This is an article from three weeks ago explaining why you should enjoy watching the 2016 Mets.


If you had tapped Terry Collins on the shoulder in Spring Training and told him how it would play out, he surely never would have guessed that his Mets would still be nicely position to return to the postseason on Labor Day.

To revisit: The Mets do not have David Wright, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, Jacob deGrom, Neil Walker, Lucas Duda or Juan Lagares.

They will not have Wright, Harvey or Walker again this season. As for the others, stay tuned. Matz (shoulder) is the only one of the group not on the Disabled List.

The Mets have used 45 players, including 10 starting pitchers. Collins has started eight different third basemen, eight left fielders.

Yoenis Cespedes missed two weeks in August with a leg injury and is playing despite it down the stretch.

Every team knows injuries are part of the game, part of the process of preparing. That’s why…

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New Era is about to lose a long time customer

Thanks a lot MLB.

You guys really screwed up this time.

If someone could tell me how to embed GIFs into WordPress, I’d really appreciate it, because I’d love to insert all of the screeming/mad ones in existence and use that instead of words for the rest of the post.

Anyway, since I’m not tech savvy, let me vent my frustration through words:


This is all MLB’s fault, not New Era’s. New Era did exactly what I would do if I were them, and that’s making an offer. In 1993, New Era became the sole provider of on-field Major League Caps, and in 1997, the debuted the “flag” which is on every cap they make (typically on the left side) with the noticeable exception of the MLB on field cap. And while I have zero proof to back this up, I’m positive New Era has nagged MLB every year since 1999 with the same question “How much will it take to put our logo on the on-field caps?”, and every year until this year, MLB has responded with “We’d like to keep the caps clean, and without any logos of any kind”. Until this year, when MLB gave New Era a figure, and New Era said yes without hesitation.

Now, I know some of you might be saying, “Uniforms, pants and now even socks have the manufacturers mark on them! Who cares if the cap does too?”

Well, that’s a fair point, but one has to realize that a hat is much more recognizable then a uniform top or pants. A lot of people assume Nike makes the Uniforms, due to their presence on league undershirts, but Majestic is the actual manufacturer.

Additionally, the cap is different from the uniform. It’s one of the things Baseball is known for. That’s why that type of cap is called a “baseball cap”.

Take a look at this image of T.J Rivera, do you really notice the Majestic Logo, and if so, is it really obtrusive? Personally, it’s hard to make out what it says, and I had to go to the 14th image to find a picture of him with the Majestic Logo present, because it’s so small and only on one sleeve.


Not a major issue, right? That’s why Majestic has always been on the uniforms. Now, let’s take a look at Columbia Fireflies player Tyler Bachelor with his on-field cap:


Unmistakably noticeable. Frankly, the Fireflies don’t make it look that bad, but can you imagine all the times TV camera’s zoom in on the pitcher before the delivery of his pitch? People will instantly be able to know which company makes that cap, and they will have a connection towards the brand.

I have my reservations about this whole thing. I believe the Baseball cap is one of those things that should always remain clean and without any markings, but, we live in a time where merchandise sales are important, and while I’ll never buy a 59Fifty on-field with the New Era cap, and while I’m driving to Dick’s Sporting Goods as we speak to pick up three or four plain Mets caps before the switch next season, this move was inevitable.

If you don’t want the corporate sponsorship on the caps either, the best way to make your voice heard is with your money. Just, don’t by the caps, complain to their Twitter feed, send an email or two, and, who knows, maybe they will retract it in the future.

Finally, if everything else fails, this is always an option:

Jacob deGrom will NOT pitch tommorow

National League Championship Series - New York Mets v. Chicago Cubs - Game Three

Or any time soon for that matter:

I’m a huge Jacob deGrom fan, and this news is really depressing. I was hoping that deGrom was going to be able to combat the soreness that he was been battling since mid-August, and even blogged about it this morning.

However, on a relatively nice Saturday afternoon, Sandy Alderson revealed that “Jake just had issues with ulnar nerve in his right elbow, not unusual following Tommy John surgery,”  “He threw BP yesterday, felt great, shagged in outfield, threw ball and had some pain. Unlikely to pitch tomorrow and the rest of season. We will see. It’s likely to require surgical repair, not significant procedure, as far as risk going forward.”

The procedure, called  “Ulnar Nerve Surgery”, is already scaring fans, as it sounds like a surgery similar to Tommy John, which could keep deGrom out until the 2018 season, however, Adam Rubin, a staff writer for ESPN, and ESPN’s Mets Beat Writer, explains that it is a considerably lighter surgery:

Doctors move the nerve and you no longer have that “funny bone” feeling behind the pitching elbow. The issue is caused because the nerve pops out of the track it sits in and causes irritation. – Adam Rubin

Rubin also revealed that deGrom should be ready for Spring Training.

Jacob deGrom will pitch tomorrow


Jacob will try to do something Sunday he hasn’t been able to do since August 13th: Have an acceptable start.

Acceptable is very vague, but in my eyes, 5 innings pitched with three or less runs is an “acceptable” start.

Unfortunately, deGrom has really struggled in the last month. He’s lost velocity, had high pitch counts, skipped starts, had soreness, and overall does not seem comfortable the deGrom we know.

Now, with three starts off, Jacob is going to re-enter the rotation, facing the worst team in Major League Baseball, the Twins.

If deGrom has another poor start, I’m not really sure where to go with him. Jacob has always been able to re-bound when he has a bad stretch like this, and he seems to have one every year, but there is no doubt that this has been a prolonged bad stretch, and I’m hoping that this Sunday is the start of a good stretch that leads into the postseason.