Image: 2015 New York Mets NLDS Roster


Series Preview: NLDS Dodgers vs Mets

The National League Division Series commences tomorrow with the Mets visiting the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium. After Game two, the series will shift back to Citi Field for games three and four. If a fifth game is needed it will be played in Dodger Stadium.

Here are the probable pitchers for the series:

Game 1: Jacob deGrom vs. Clayton Kershaw

Game 2: Noah Syndergaard vs. Zack Greinke

Game 3: Matt Harvey vs. Brett Anderson

Game 4*: Steven Matz vs. Clayton Kershaw

Game 5*: Jacob deGrom vs. Zack Greinke

* – if necessary

Series Notes:

  • Steven Matz is not guaranteed for the NLDS roster due to stiffness. If Matz cannot be with the team, it is expected that Bartolo Colon will pitch game 4.
  • Sean Gilmartin will replace Steven Matz on the roster.
  • Ruben Tejada and Michael Cuddyer will be in the game one lineup according to manager Terry Collins.
  • Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda and Curtis Granderson will face lefties in the postseason.
  • Cespedes is not feeling any effects from being hit on the hand in Phily.
  • Wilmer Flores has lost 10 pounds as a result of his sickness.

Wear a Blue & Orange colored Mets Shirt this Friday

I’m going to be wearing my NL East Champions shirt. What are you going to wear? Tweet me @NikoMetsPlus and/or leave a reply in the comments section below!

Let’s Go Mets!

Mets Postseason Ticket Prices are extremely high. Why?

This postseason will include the New York Mets for the first time since the year 2006. The fans are excited, and they have a right to be. But why are the Mets third-party postseason ticket prices so high?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the Mets are not selling tickets directly throughout their website. With the exception of the odd lottery, all tickets have been sold to season ticket and plan holders. Currently, I just purchase single game tickets through a Dunkin Donuts BOGO offer, as I truly believe that this is the best way to save money on tickets, and you can gauge if you actually want to go to the game with hours notice.

Now, I really wish I was a 20 game plan holder. However, like plenty other Mets fans out there, I’m just not. So, third party websites like StubHub and Ticketmaster are going to be my go-to channel for postseason access. Mets NLDS games, though, are going to set you back upwards of $140 dollars for a standing room ticket. Since this is my first experience with Postseason ticket sales, I thought this was normal, until I looked at the other prices of postseason games in other ballparks.

Here are the cheapest SEATS, (not standing room) available on StubHub for the first DS game of every team: Chicago           $277, Mets $170, Toronto  $139, Kansas City  $130, Pittsburgh $100,St Louis $83, Dodgers $57, Texas $55, Houston            $52, Yankees $43.

Obviously, this is a supply and demand issue, the Cubs, Mets and Tornoto all haven’t been to the postseason in a long time, and have exciting teams. The Cubs and the Mets with the youth. The Blue Jays with the offense and the popular veterans.

Surprisingly, the Yankees have the cheapest postseason prices, which I was extremely surprised about. Then again, Yankees fans are strange fans, so I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised….

Thank You 2015 Mets Fans!

2015. A year that I’m currently experiencing and trying to soak in and relish to the best of my ability. It’s been the dream season. The year that all us Mets fans, bloggers, players, reporters and viewers have been waiting for. Everyone was hoping in the back of their mind that this might be the year that the Mets play more that 162 games, and that Sandy’s patience will pay off. And now I can proudly say it has. The Mets fans are the greatest fans in baseball, and while they aren’t shy of expressing their opinion, it shows that they care and have dedication for the team they love. The New York Mets.

But the story doesn’t end there. This year was extra special to my blog and my confidence as a blogger. I appreciated communicating with all of you through various types of social media, and I got rewarded this year with opportunities that I never thought were possible for myself at any age, let alone at age fifteen. I was given the honor to interview Met greats like Mookie Wilson, Wally Backman and Art Shamsky. The icing on the top of the cake, however, was becoming credentialed at various MiLB games. While the New York Mets press box remains a few articles away, this was a major milestone and a personal core memory. From the bottom of my heart, thank you quarter of a million Mets fans that have viewed the new in just over a year. Thank you, NL East champions, for making this a surreal season.


VIDEO: You’re a Mets fan

“Luck will land our way one day, it has to. You’re a Mets fan“.

Use #MetsPlusPostseason to win exclusive prizes this October!

When the New York Mets win this Postseason, loyal Mets Plus viewers that live in the United States can win some exclusive Mets-themed prizes! To get yourselves into the potential drawings before the season even starts, make sure you follow these steps. First off, you should be following the Mets Plus twitter account @NikoMetsPlus. This way you will know what the giveaway is, and how to potentially win it. Next, you have to leave a comment with the hashtag #MetsPlusPostseason in the recap post here on There will be a link to the post with the hashtag #MetsPlusPostseason within 50 minutes after the game. Winners will be announced before the next regularly scheduled Mets postseason game, or 24 hours after if the win is the last game the Mets would have to play. (And there is only one scenario where that can happen, and it’s a good one).

And that’s all! Remember, you must be following @NikoMetsPlus and comment in the winning games’ recap post on with the hashtag #MetsPlusPostseason, and you could win awesome prizes, like t-shirts, pennants and more!

Whatever happens this October, the Mets are winners

The Mets clinched the National League Eastern division title last Saturday in Cincinnati, and they are now only one game away from that elusive 90 win mark, which was last years “expectation”, according to Sandy Alderson.

After a poor 2014, the Mets headed into the offseason hoping to enhance their roster. Unfortunately, the offseason for the Mets was fairly disappointing. Michael Cuddyer was the only major signing, and with the exception of the Mets “streak” in April, the first half of the season was fairly disappointing. The fans (me included) were doubting Sandy Alderson’s guts, and after a very disappointing series against the Dodgers, the Mets went out and got Uribe and Johnson. Good moves, but nothing major. However, on July 31st 2015, the Mets traded for Yoenis Cespedes.

Yoenis. Cespedes. A player I will never forget. While he is one of the 25 Mets on their roster, I believe he is the reason the Mets made the postseason. The first successful postseason push that I’ve ever witnessed by the Mets. While the results of this postseason are still un-known, this season is a successful one, no matter what. The Mets have a lot to be proud of this year, and hopefully, with a little luck, some postseason success. So head on out to a ball game this weekend and cheer on the Mets, your 2015 NL East Champs.

Matthew Cerrone on the I’d Just as soon Kiss a Mookie podcast

If you haven’t listened already, Shannon Shark and Jason Fry do this really cool podcast on a weekly basis, which lately has included a cool special guest, including Kevin Burkhardt and Michael Baron.

Anyway, here is a link to this week’s podcast with Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog as the guest.

Click here to be re-directed to, where you can isten to the podcast.

Mets 2015 #THIS Postseason Commercial


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