Jacob deGrom named to his first All-Star Game

Today, on the “MLB All-Star Selection Show”, Jacob deGrom was named as a reserve to the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio.

deGrom will have one more start on Wednesday before the All-Star Game. He will not be starting for the National League, but Bruce Bochy plans to play him. When R.A Dickey was named to the 2012 All-Star Game, he pitched a full inning in relief.

And the winner is….

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What will this team be remembered as?

Since I have become a Mets fan, I have never witnessed a stranger baseball season. I’m not the only one that has the same perspective. The Mets consume a huge portion of our lives, and the promises that they have given us seem to have fallen through. I’m extremely worried about this Mets team, not only now, but for the future. Think about it, what will this team, this era, be remembered as to future Mets fans? I’m extremely worried it’s going to be remembered as the “wasted” era. A time when the Mets had amazing chances to make it to the postseason, but their lack of front office aggressiveness plagued them, and when their pitching core left through free agency, it took them various years trying to build up a new core.

This is very unrealistic, but it is a fear that many Mets fans worry about day and night. I think that if anything, this team will be remembered as the team that had a huge chance to make it to the postseason, but were plagued by an inconclusive GM, and an owner that is frankly hard to defend when people call him cheap. Nevertheless, the Mets fans will continue to go to Mets games, watch the fireworks, buy the food, wait in the line for expensive merchandise, and the Mets will re-pay you with the same thing they have since Citi Field opened, a season that lacks a key element, something that can be obtained, if not for a front office staff that refuses to take a chance.

As I said earlier, this year is completely different, and the team knows it, the fan-base is down to their last straw, the Mets are trying to find a last-ditch effort that probably wouldn’t pan out even if they found one. If this team fails, the 2016 Mets will be coached by an entirely different staff. Mets fans are extremely smart, they were right and now they have put the Mets staff in a tight corner. I don’t care how nice of a guy Terry and Sandy are, they have taken this franchise and toyed around with it, and if this anemic team continues to fall (and there is nothing coming around the corner to make it better), then we should be days away from the end of the Collins era. Then again, we should be buyers, not stand-patters, we should be putting our best lineup out there every single day, we should be aggressive in the trade market, and take risks. The Mets fans are starting to call-out the Mets when they through us garbage reports, like Syndergaard moving to the bullpen.

This is not make it or break it time for the Mets, that was June. July is when we actually see this franchise as who they truly are. The fan-base has heard every excuse in the book, and there are no more to give. It’s time for a lot of things, most of which, I cannot identify.

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Mets Links for 6/30


– 51s beat writer Ashton Ferguson writes this story about Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ crazy season.

– Michael g. Baron of Just Mets tells us what the Mets think of Aramis Ramirez.

– MetsPolice.com shares the Cyclones new special jersey.

Down on the Farm: Las Vegas 51s

Wally Backman called it “the biggest win we’ve had all year”. Today, I went down to Cashman Field, to see our Triple-A club in action. Las Vegas was trailing 1-0 throughout the majority of today’s ballgame, their offense resembled the Mets offense, not swinging at many pitches, hit a lot of high fly balls that didn’t carry, and didn’t have a real threat until the 9th inning. Rainy Lara was not dominant today, he gave up six hits in the first two innings, which looked problematic. Lara stayed in and provided his team with quality innings. When I had the chance to interview Wally Backman, he said “it’s huge, this is a young kid that has come up from Double-A because we needed pitchers ….. he did a nice job settling in today”.


After Lara, Mets struggling farmhand Cody Satterwhite came in and provided two innings of solid relief. Satterwhite’s ERA is currently residing in the high four’s but he could be a quality September call-up, something I talked about in March. In the bottom of the ninth inning, down to their last out, the 51s manufactured a late rally using small ball, with Brooks Conrad providing a sac-fly. Unfortunately, right after the momentum swung for the 51s, it was taken back as Scott Rice gave up two earned runs, to make the score 3-1 in favor of their opponents, the Sacramento River Cats. In the bottom of the 10th inning, the 51s had a man on and Anthony Recker pinch hitting for Wilfredo Tovar. Recker hit one that would be in the second deck in Citi Field, after that, the River Cats made a few errors, and a double down the line from Brooks Conrad, scored Kirk Nieuwenhuis, to close the game at 4-3, in favor of the 51s. Backman said that “to be able to come back twice in extra innings is great”, and consistently dubbed the game the “best win all year”. He admitted that the quality pitching helped the 51s stay in the game, and that it was a well earned win.


The very strange thing is how great the 51s record is despite their roster being decimated due to Mets injuries. I asked Wally about that, and he said “it has to do with the chemistry of this team” and “sometimes you lose this one individual… for us it was Ceciliani [ and you have to bounce back].” I think that this is one of the strangest scenarios in baseball, the way this team has been decimated. Wally said “we’ve been able to maintain our veterans that surround our young prospects” and “this is not the norm, I think we have 11 guys on our opening day roster that are in the big leagues right now”. Nevertheless, Backman has kept this team well above waters, their record after today’s win is 45-32, extremely impressive for their situation.

Down on the Farm: Brooklyn Cyclones

Yesterday, after watching the Mets lose seven straight games, I decided to take a little break, and spend the day with the Brooklyn Cyclonesthe short season A affiliation of our New York Mets. The Cyclones are one of four professional sports teams that have never had a season in which their record was below 500. This season the Cyclones have won four out of their first six games, and have an impressive roster filled with very young talent. The Cyclones have five players on their roster who just came out of colleges, including David Thompson, a fourth round pick from the University of Miami, who made his professional debut last night. 


The Cyclones staff were all very courteous, and the stadium itself is holding up very well. MCU Park was built in 2001 as Keyspan Park; the field surface was originally grass, but was changed to artificial turf after Hurricane Sandy. I checked into the stadium at around 5pm EST, and got onto the field to take some photos at around 5:30, during which, I saw the Cyclones opponent for yesterday’s game, the Connecticut Tigers, finishing up batting practice.

Once I headed back up to the Press Box for the game, I was surprised to hear that the radio announcer Stu Johnson was doing his radio-cast directly to my left! One thing unique to Brooklyn is the presence of an outdoor press box. Yes, an outdoor press box. Since this team only plays in the Summer, it is actually pretty cool, and gives us great views of the field.


Game time was at 7pm, and the Cyclones got off to a early 3rd inning lead. Branden Kaupe, the Cyclones SS, hit a ball over the center fielders head, by the time he got to it on the warning track, Kaupe was five steps from third base. His speed ws really diminished by then and you could tell that the 5-8 Kaupe was tired. So, halfway to home plate, with the ball in the second baseman’s glove in shallow right, he retreats to third. The problem was, he was closer to home than he was third, so he almost got picked off retreating to third. While Kaupe did have a inside the park home run in the bag, he got home on a sac fly by Will Fulmer, the Cyclones 3B.

The Cyclones starter was Tyler Badamo, a Right handed hurler who played on the GCL Mets previously. He pitched 6.2 innings, with five strikeouts, giving up two earned runs in the fourth and the sixth respectively. The Cyclones offense was non-existent after Kaupe’s triple, their only chance was in the ninth inning, when right fielder Michael Bernal struck out, but got on first base thanks to a passed ball. The next batter was Zach Mathieu, who hit a slow roller to shortstop, the infielder charged hard, and barely threw Mathieu out by a stride, Bernal, the runner on first, decided to play very aggressive and swipe third, hoping the first baseman wouldn’t notice, but how would you not notice him running to third if he is right in front of your vision? That’s a immature play that all minor leaguers have. It’s a learning moment for not only Bernal, but for the Cyclones and the C-Tigers. The game promptly ended on a broken bat ground out to the pitcher by Jeff Diehl.

Buy and large the Cyclones are a promising team with players that are getting their first exposure to the “Big City”. The fact that the Mets have an affiliate in Brooklyn is great for the fans, and the players. It’s a viewers assumption that it helps relieve pressure once (and if) they get to the big leagues.

Thanks to the whole Cyclones press crew, including Billy Harner. And the nice folks I got to meet up in the Cyclones Press Box. 

Murphy continues rehab

Daniel Murphy continues to work back from a quad injury that was sustained a few weeks ago in Arizona. This injury has delayed Murphy’s return timetable from the 15 days, to Tuesday, to this weekend, but it now looks like he is very close to returning.

Murphy played in a rehab game in Port St. Lucie with the GCL Mets. This was his first rehab at bat in a real game, though he played in a few extended Spring Training games before today. The difference between the extended spring games and the GCL games are minimal, so they should all be counted as rehab games for Daniel. Today, Murphy went 1-for-1 with a walk, before the game was called due to inclement weather. Murphy is still expected back this weekend, presumably Friday.

Collins message to Mets is air-thin

Michael Baron of JustMets.com opened a post-game article last night by stating “These are some very dark times for the Mets. And Terry Collins is not pleased…”. The Mets have now lost six straight contests, (all on the road), and the frustration is very open and is being expressed by people we don’t usually see get angry. Nearly 75% of the Mets official beat writers confessed that this team is spiraling out of control, and blaming someone specially for the Mets adversity.

There was even some tension between two very credible beat writers post-game, a sign that the Mets losing ways are taking a toll on everyone. So, as Matt Ehalt of the Record reported today on Twitter “Terry will hold meeting after media leaves. Will say to relax and remain positive”.

Maybe I’m just reading this the wrong way, but the theme of Terry’s message sounds air thin. A message to motivate a team falling like the Mets are has to be motivational. Saying that you can’t complain about Cuddyer and Granderson’s production is preposterous. You don’t give a person multi-million dollar contracts, get half-of-a-million results, and then not ask them to up their game, or throw in a harsh word or two. However, if they truly are doing the best that they can do, then his grievances must be aired towards the front office staff. Are they? Is Collins taking a jab at Alderson, among other front office men? Seems odd considering that just days ago we were told that Collins is safe, due to the “were all in this together” environment among Mets front office staff. But then again, these are the Mets, the leaders of contradiction.

Who is to blame for the Mets downfall?

The Mets are on the verge of dropping below 500 for the first time since April 12th. This downward spiral started when Jacob deGrom took the mound against the Yankees, and the 13-3 Mets slowly got worse. They slowly got closer and closer to 500, and tomorrow, they might have the same amount of losses and wins.

The difference with this Mets team compared to Mets teams prior is the opportunity that the Mets were presented with. The team had the best record in Major League Baseball, and had arguably the best starting pitching, and great closer, and hitting that was “one bat away” from good postseason contention. Now that the Mets have started to spiral out of control, I like see what the credible guys think about the Mets season, and who they stick the blame to.

Above is a tweet from SNY’s Robert Brender, who says the Mets are void of their top 2-3 players. Wright is defiantly there, but one injury is nothing for a team, a team should be able to bounce back from 2-3 injuries. Now, Robert says that the team is void of their top 3 players. In no specific order, here are (what I think) the Mets most important players. Familia, deGrom, Harvey, Duda, Murphy, Wright, Cuddyer, Lagares and Granderson. Note that of the above, Wright is the only one that has missed a substantial portion of the season. The injuries have all come from our bench, upper bullpen, and other areas that don’t get spotlight. The problem is the Mets roster is so thin right now. There is no one else that can come up from Triple-A. There is no veteran on the bench, or someone who you can rely on to come in and get a base hit. There was something truly un-familiar when the Blue Jays were sending up pinch-hitters whose batting averages were in the 275-300 range. In 2008, we had reliable back-ups like Damion Easley, Ramon Castro and Fernando Tatis among others, bench players that were a threat. These days, a good bench player is hitting 190 for the Mets!

There is so much frustration that the average Mets fan is enduring in a day in and day out basis. There are a lot of holes that Mets front office management has to fix, including spending. There is no way that Eric Campbell, as nice of a human being he is, is the Mets starting third baseman. The Mets give us rumors, predictions and insight that never pans out, and their credibility is starting to become very thin. The Mets need to make changes today.


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